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Full Time Road Worker
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Kelly Township Road Workers perform a multitude of tasks that are carried out during the year.  These road workers have a wide variety of responsibilities which include, but not limited to the maintenance of 29.69 miles of roadway, which requires:  

  • Clearing of Grass, Trees, Tree Limbs, and other vegetation along public rights-of-ways

  • Paving & Patching

  • Shoulder Maintenance & Grading

  • Sign Installation & Maintenance

  • Snow removal & De-icing

  • Street Sweeping

  • Storm Sewer & Ditch Maintenance


The clearing of trees, tree appendages and other foliage along public rights-of-ways is completed as necessary throughout the year to prevent interference with public use of Township streets.

If you notice branches from trees on your property overhanging into the Township right-of-way, you may want to consider having the trees trimmed by a tree surgeon of your choice.

Street right-of-ways should have a vertical clear zone of no less than 14 feet above the roadway and 9 feet above sidewalks.  Right-of-way widths vary from street to street.

Although Homeowners are ultimately responsible to trim back any growth which is, or could be, impeding the public right of way, periodically throughout the spring and summer months, our Road Workers perform right of way clearing along the roadsides to ensure sight visibility and road height clearance for the safety of all motorists and emergency vehicles.  This clearing differs from tree trimming in that it is performed on more rural roadways in the Township versus Tree Trimming in the interior developments.  The equipment used is a boom-mower on all roadside vegetation, including road-encroaching tree branches.


The Kelly Township Road Workers are responsible for street paving and patching, shoulder maintenance, stormwater pipe and ditch maintenance, street sweeping, sign installation and maintenance.

The Township typically contracts for large paving and street surface maintenance work.


To report a street light outage, call the township Office at 570.524.0437.  Each light pole has a set of numbers on a plate facing the street.  Please have these pole numbers and the address where the light is located when reporting a streetlight in need of repair.



A street shoulder refers to the graded or surfaced area of the roadway, on the side of and adjacent to the pavement, which gives lateral support to the road surface and can be used by traffic in an emergency.  The goal of shoulder maintenance is to restore the road shoulders to a condition to provide a safe and smooth transition for road users who accidentally leave or are forced to leave the sealed payment area.

Street shoulders in the Township right of way must slope away from the paved street surface to allow water to drain away from the street. Stormwater collects along the shoulder edge and travels parallel to the street until a point of collection or point of discharge, such as a ditch, swale, or stormwater pipe inlet.

Street and shoulder drainage is important to minimize street flooding, minimize icing during cold weather conditions and safeguard the street surface. Even the tiniest “false berm” acts as a obstacle to surface water drainage and hinders water from properly reaching a swale, ditch and/or inlet, causing serious damage and/or creating safety risks.

The Kelly Township Road Workers are responsible for shoulder cutting and grading to improve drainage and allow water to leave the street.


The Kelly Township Roadworkers are committed to providing outstanding winter maintenance service. Our goal is to keep municipal roads passable; that does not mean that roads will be completely free of snow and ice.


  • 800. Depositing Snow and Ice in Street. No person shall shovel, dump, place, push or otherwise deposit snow or ice upon the cartway, traveled portion or berm of any public street, road or alley within Kelly Township, Union County, Pennsylvania, which is maintained by Kelly Township or by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and in the event the same shall occur, the said person shall immediately remove the said snow and ice from the public street, road or alley.

  • 801. Removal of Snow and Ice from Sidewalks. The owner of every parcel, lot, tract or piece of land bounded by a public street, alley, road or way situate in Kelly Township, Union County, Pennsylvania, is hereby required to remove or cause to be removed from all sidewalks utilized by the public where said sidewalk is adjacent to the said parcel, lot, tract or piece of land, all snow or ice thereon fallen or formed within twenty-four (24) hours after the same shall cease to fall or form.

  • 802. Penalty. Violations of this Part shall be enforced by an action brought before a District Judge in the same manner provided for the enforcement of summary offenses under the Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure.  The Township Solicitor may assume charge of the prosecution without the consent of the District Attorney as required by Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure.  The fine for a violation of this Part shall not exceed $1,000.00 and/or imprisonment to the extent allowed by law for the punishment of summary offenses.


  • Do not interfere or impede Township vehicles plowing snow or applying de-icing materials.

  • Shovel snow away from a fire hydrant located on or near your property.







Mailboxes are often damaged by snow coming off the plows during snowstorms. To avoid damage to your mailbox, the township recommends installing it off the road right of way, which is 16 feet from the center of the road. However, even if your mailbox is off the road right of way, the township is not responsible for repair or replacement of a damaged mailbox.

Some things you can do to avoid damage:

  • Be sure your mailbox has a strong support.

  • Use reflective tape or other material to make it easier to see during storms or during dark hours.

Check your box and support often, clearing snow from it and depositing the snow properly and in a manner to allow you and motorists proper sight distances (and never on the roadway).